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buy saxenda


Buy Saxenda online

Saxenda Weight loss Medication characteristics ;

  • One injection pen per day to aid in weight loss.
  • Works in tandem with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise.
  • Item from the Fridge Line
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buy saxenda

Order a Saxenda Pen for Weight Loss

You can order Saxenda injection pens from our licensed online pharmacy and doctor service. This is a medically prescribed weight loss treatment. Following a brief online consultation, your order will be routed to our registered doctors for review.
If your prescription is approved, it will be forwarded to our pharmacy team, who will dispense and ship your medication. We use Royal Mail as our courier partner, and they can arrange for nextday delivery if you prefer.
Please keep in mind that orders for Saxenda placed after 5.30pm on a Saturday are processed on Monday to ensure the package stays within the required temperature range.

What is Saxenda?

Saxenda is an injection used to help people lose weight. It includes the medication liraglutide. It can be used in conjunction with diet and exercise to aid in weight loss. Novo Nordisk’s Saxenda pen is a registered trademark.
People with a BMI greater than 30 can be prescribed the medication. It is also appropriate for people with a BMI greater than 27 who have been diagnosed with weight-related medical problem.These are some examples:
  • Diabetes type 2 and pre-diabetes
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure) (high blood pressure)
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

How does Saxenda work?

Liraglutide is the active ingredient in Saxenda. Liraglutide is similar to the hormone glucagon-like peptide1 in the body (GLP-1). This is an appetite hormone that is released by the intestines after a meal to help regulate hunger.
Saxenda, which is similar to GLP-1, regulates appetite, making you feel fuller and less hungry. This can result in consuming fewer calories and losing weight. Focusing on a lowcalorie diet will increase the benefits of Saxenda even more.

Is Saxenda good for me?

Saxenda should only be used to aid weight loss if you have previously attempted and failed to lose weight through diet and exercise alone.
Certain patients are unable to take Saxenda. You should also avoid Saxenda if you have:
You are allergic to liraglutide, the active ingredient in Saxenda, or any of its ingredients.
You are pregnant or intend to be pregnant. Saxenda can be harmful to your unborn child. You are a breastfeeding mother.

How efficient is Saxenda?

After completing a 12-week course of treatment with Saxenda pens, you can expect to lose at least 5% of your initial body weight. You should discontinue using Saxenda if you have not lost at least 5% of your starting body weight by now.
Over the course of 56 weeks, patients in Saxenda clinical trials lost more weight than those who received a placebo injection. The findings are summarized below;
  • 63% lost at least 5% of body weight
  • 33% lost at least 10% of body weight
  • 15% lost at least 15% of body weight

Saxenda Dose

Saxenda is available as an injectable pen. The Saxenda pen is injected subcutaneously once daily. The upper arm, upper thigh, or abdomen are the most common injection sites.
A daily injection of 0.6mg is the starting dose. This dose is usually increased every week until a dose of 3.0mg once daily is reached. A sample schedule is provided below:
  • Week 1 0.6mg dose once daily
  • Week 2 – 1.2mg dose once daily
  • Week 3 1.8mg dose once daily
  • Week 4 2.4mg dose once daily
  • Week 5 3.0mg dose once daily continuing
To reduce the likelihood of stomach side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea, the dose is gradually increased in 1week intervals.
If you increase the dose and the side effects persist for two weeks or longer, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
For those who prefer onceweekly injections rather than daily, Wegovy, a new and very similar treatment containing a medicine from the same drug family, has recently been approved in the UK and will be available from our service in early to mid-2022.
saxenda dose

Saxenda Alternatives;

The most effective way to lose weight is to combine a healthy diet or meal plan with increased physical activity. This is the most secure and effective way to lose weight. The NHS provides a 12week weight loss plan here. There is more information on exercise and diets available.
People who improve their diet and exercise may fail to lose weight for a variety of reasons. These people may benefit from medications such as WEGOVY, TRULICITY, SAXENDA, OZEMPIC

Saxenda Side effects:

The most common Saxenda side effects are digestive in nature: nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and constipation. These should go away in a few days or weeks.
Other common side effects are as follows:
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Injection site reactions such as bruising, pain or a rash
Hypoglycemia is another possible side effect. This is the medical term for hypoglycemia. This is more likely to be a side effect in patients with type 2 diabetes, but it can occur in other patients as well. The signs of low blood sugar are: cold sweat, pale skin, headache, fast heartbeat, feeling sleepy or weak, feeling nervous and difficulty concentrating, among other symptoms.
Pancreatitis is a rare side effect. This is a serious and potentially fatal illness. Symptoms include severe, persistent abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. If you experience any of these side effects, stop using Saxenda and contact your doctor right away.


Interactions with other medicines

When filling out our online form, make sure to list any medicines you currently take, including prescription and non-prescription medicines. Some medicines can interact with Saxenda such as:

  • Anticoagulants (blood thinning medication) such as warfarin
  • Anti-diabetic medication such as sulfonylureas and insulin
  • GLP-1 receptor agonists such as Victoza

Other conditions and Saxenda

When filling out our online form, make sure to mention any medical conditions that you have.

Saxenda can be dangerous in certain conditions so it is especially important to mention if you have:

  • Heart failure
  • Aged 75 years or older
  • Severe renal (kidney) disease
  • Severe hepatic (liver) disease
  • Pancreatitis

The manufacturers are uncertain whether Saxenda is safe in patients with the above conditions.

Do not use Saxenda if you or anyone in your family has ever had multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2 (MEN 2) or medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC).

buy saxenda